With the same Cosmetic Intelligence and Leading Innovation that characterize us, we leveraged our know-how and market analysis in the development of make-up products.

Luxcos, which offers mascaras, lipgloss , liquid eyeliners and creamy eye shadows has seen a double digit growth in the past years, and led the way for the development of new product categories, constantly expanding our portfolio.


Key mascara player in Europe
and expanding worldwide

Expanding make-up portfolio


An European reference in mascaras, and active for over already 15 years, Luxcos understands that a truly performing mascara is the result of a meticulous combination between packaging and formula. This is why all our mascara developments are created with the outmost consideration of the interaction between applicators and the formula to assure an optimized performance!

We offer more than 45 different fully tested formulas that are ready-to-market. They are customizable upon request according to what you or your projects require. For Cream, Waterproof, Vegan, Easy removal and lash care we cover all solutions for eyelashes.

Liquid Eyeliner
Impeccable and precise lines for a sublime glance that lasts.
Discover our eyeliner range: deep black, fast dry, glossy effects, waterproof or colored for a sophisticated look.

Liquid Eyeshadows
Easy to apply and to blur on the eyelids, our formulations range from rich creamy to flashy metallic finishes. Waterproof ans crease-free.


Whether it is liquid lipstick or shiny lipgloss, we have a product for each category segment and co-develop formulas to deliver truly tailor-made products for our client’s projects. Our outstanding lip catalogue and textures receive our clients’ recognition as they exceed expectations, every time!

We have the capacity to surprise your senses!

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