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We integrate both our product know-how and our knowledge of the Cosmetics environment to propose a range of Innovative makeup Products. We produce mascaras, lipgloss, liquid lipsticks and liquid eyeliners, and we have enjoyed double-digit growth in the past years. This portfolio expansion has been successful for ourselves and for our clients, hence we plan to continue.


Key make-up player in Europe
and expanding worldwide

Expanding make-up portfolio


Luxcos has been active in mascara for over 15 years. In this market we are now a reference. For us, a truly performing mascara is the result of a meticulous combination between packaging and formula. To ensure an optimized and longlasting performance, all our mascaras are developed considering first and foremost the interaction between the applicator and the formula.

We offer more than 45 different fully tested formulas that are ready-to-market. They are customizable upon request according to what you or your projects require. For Cream, Waterproof, Vegan, Easy removal and lash care we cover all solutions for eyelashes.

Liquid Eyeliner
Impeccable and precise lines for a sublime glance that lasts.
Discover our eyeliner range: deep black, fast dry, glossy effects, waterproof or colored for a sophisticated look.


This product category is quickly expanding at IL Cosmetics!
We offer Liquid lipstick, Lip Stain, Lip Gloss, Lip Plumpers and Lip Care products and we co-develop formulas to deliver truly tailor-made products for your projects.

Let yourself be surprised by the sensoriality and variety of our textures!

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