Leader in Innovation

With a unique scientific approach, we constantly develop exclusive formulas with patented technologies that exceed market performances.

  • 20% of our employees are working in R&D and innovation
  • We select suppliers rigorously so that they comply with our stringent standards
  • We follow strict control procedures throughout our production process
  • Our specialized team verifies that we comply with all regulatory requirements
  • We are constantly developing strategic partnerships with suppliers, external laboratories and public research centers”

We are driven by performance

  • Constantly aiming for higher standards, we aim at permanently enhancing our products without compromising the utmost quality.
  • We run in-house testing with panel groups, and we only validate the highest panel ranking.
  • Our R&D is regularly looking for new raw materials  ingredients and pigments to develop better performing formulas

We obey all specific regulations and we can guide you on these issues.

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